Arman Güngör

Every story needs an origin and to describe my origin it is best to start at the beginning. The creation, who made me: my parents. Because even if I do not always like it, I am my parents and my parents are me.

I was raised by a Turkish father who grew up in a small town in the mountains who during the 80s led a socialist group of individuals fighting for freedom and against an unjust government. My mom grew up in a dull religious village in the Netherlands. Both my parents were raised in religion but stepped out because nobody could answer their curiosity. My mom was the first in the family to leave the village and pursued a career in media. My father was the first in his family who studied. He did so from within a prison cell and still does until this day at a university. Never too old to learn I guess. They met in Turkey and till this day that place is my second home. And here I am, son of a PROUD father and loving mother. These are my roots. 


“I am a curious, all round, interested, conveniently stressed, multicultural, social, loud talking, beer loving, gezelligheid searching, individual. I am literate in internet culture and a through and through fight fan, I have teached capoeira and dipped my toes in the wonderful world of chess. I have a degree in graphic design and advertising in data-design and a love for great ideas, beautiful compositions and visuals. I want to try everything, at least a bit.”


Karagöz: Black eyes 

Arman: Biggest wish 

Ülgen: A good Shaman god, lives in the world of the future 

Erdem: Virtue (goodness) happiness, peace 

Güngör: See the day