2019 // In collaboration with: Sinead Maduro, Lode Dijkers, Saskia Verlegs


Festivals and parties often if not always say they do not allow any drugs like the law commands, even tho they are designed with just that in mind. Profiting of people that are under influence. Festivals and parties are build up to have the perfect drug space with their shiney lights and visuals, popsicles, lollies, fruit, nitrous-oxide balloons, chill corners, artsy contraptions and expensive water. Then why when the this is such a obvious revenue model they criminalize their target audience when drugs is found on them instead of looking a blind eye. These people who get caught are not your junkie drug-seller or criminals these are people you work with, managers, salesmen, teachers, directors, students, dokters, ETC. Just everyday people who want to have a great evening without harming anybody. That will suffer if they would get a criminal record from having a few pills with them. So to set an statement against this crooked legislation we created drugs and jewels. To hack the current system of drug smuggling we hide them in plain sight; as the gems in our jewels.