2018 // In collaboration with: Iris Habben Jansen

“Death”. Death is an inevitable phase of life. In Western modern society it has become an artificial process that lost it’s purpose. We created a taboo.”

This utopia took the natural cycle  of nature as the foundation where the utopia is build on. Everything that dies will have a purpose and will create new life. There is no Taboo in this utopia around the concept of death. Death is seen as a part of life and a new beginning.
The Great Social Creation will exist of living- and nature-rings with in the middle, the core. Life starts at the exterior of the city. The older you get the closer you will come to live to the core. The core is where the funeral ritual will take place.

After death you will be checked for any possible donations. the rest of your body will be used for compost and energie for the social gardens. In that way you will provide new life and light for the generations after you.

The Social Gardens are big parks where life is celebrated and death remembered. This is also the place where the  memorial stones lie. These are tangible memorials where people can come to mourn and remember the person. The memorial stones will create a timeline of who came before and became a part of this civilisation.